Explore the 数字信任生态系统框架 Foundation Certificate

Validate your knowledge of digital trust concepts, 意义与启示, and the underlying 原则 and components of the 数字信任生态系统框架(DTEF) by earning the DTEF基础证书.


Validate your expertise for how enterprises can implement and benefit from DTEF

The DTEF基础证书 is designed to deepen your comprehension of the DTEF Framework and validate your understanding of the concepts, 原则, methodologies and best practices essential for implementing, improving and sustaining a digitally trustworthy organization.


ISACA certifications instantly declare your team’s expertise in building and implementing and managing solutions aligned with organizational needs and goals. 


Build your digital trust knowledge and skills with your choice of guidance and self-paced study options developed by industry-leading experts.



没有先决条件. You can register for the DTEF Certificate exam at any time. The online, remotely proctored 2-hour exam is comprised of 60 multiple choice questions.

To pass the exam, you must earn a score of 65% or higher.




ISACA certificate exams are computer-based and remotely proctored. Registration for the DTEF基础证书 exam is continuous, meaning candidates can register any time with no restrictions. Candidates can schedule a testing appointment as early as 48 hours after payment of exam registration fees.


如果您正在创建一个帐户, please ensure your name matches what appears on your government-issued identification that you will present on the day of your DTEF基础证书 exam.

Please note, exam appointments are only available 90 days in advance. If you do not see your desired exam date more than 90 days in advance, please check back when it is closer to your desired exam date. 如果你仍然没有看到你想要的考试日期, please verify that your exam eligibility has not expired by logging into your ISACA Account and clicking the Certificates tab.


You can reschedule your DTEF基础证书 exam anytime, 而不受惩罚, during your eligibility period if done at least 48 hours before your scheduled testing appointment. 重新安排约会, log in to your MyISACA account and follow the re调度 steps in the 安排指导. 


With a score of 65% or higher you will be notified of your achievement (congrats!). 然后登录您的MyISACA证书页面.